The Complete Guide to College Football Tailgating

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The most comprehensive guide to college football tailgating you will find anywhere. Build and grow the perfect tailgate to celebrate your favorite team with friends and family every Saturday

Why We Wrote It:

There isn’t much like a fall Saturdays and tailgating is a major reason for that. Family, friends, food, and football complete the modern tailgating scene and create a haven for good times and memories you won’t soon forget. But the concept of tailgating is growing and with it the confusion of how to actually make a good tailgate.

Tailgating happens in many different shapes and forms: from a couple chairs and a picnic basket, to tents, grills, live music and TVs, you can really make your tailgate an extension of your own personality. But, at GDR, we feel like there is a link missing – a true guide that outlines the functions of a successful tailgate from start to finish. College Football Tailgating 101 is that guide.

We Wrote This Guide For You:

We’ve all seen the tailgate with dozens of families and over 100 people having a great time, and often wondered how their tailgate became such a success. The questions that fill our minds:

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How can we make our tailgate like theirs?

* What kind of equipment do they use?

* How much tailgating food do we need?

* Isn’t hard to set up a satellite tv at a tailgate?

* How did all those people get such a great tailgate spot?

* Is there a way to coordinate with everyone in order to make the tailgate run smoothly?

Whether a tailucffootball-fans-tailgate-888446-ogating newbie, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in between, we wrote this guide to serve as a resource for you. After reading this guide, you will have full confidence your tailgate is ready for a big-time party, no matter which campus you’re tailgating on!

Should You Read The Entire Guide?

College Football Tailgating 101 is written to teach you how to build a successful tailgate from scratch – or from wherever you may be starting. Each part of our guide focuses on a new strategy that will help you achieve a great tailgate. We’ll cover everything from tailgating equipment, to marketing your tailgate to friends, to executing the perfect setup and breakdown on game day. We guarantee that reading this guide from start to finish will help you get the most of your tailgating GameDay.

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